Alham Fikri Aji

PhD in Language Processing, Speech Technology, Information Retrieval, Cognition


Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Deep Learning, Algorithms, Competitive Programming


2016- University of Edinburgh PhD in Institute for Languages, Cognition and Computation (supervisor: Kenneth Heafield)

2014-15 University of Edinburgh MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Distinction)

2010-14 University of Indonesia BSc in Computer Science (Cum Laude)


2017- University of Edinburgh Teaching Support for: Extreme Computing (marker) and Machine Translation (marker)

2015-16 Apple Inc. Natural Language Engineer

2011-13 University of Indonesia Teaching Assistant for: Introduction to Programming, Algorithm and Data Structure, and Intelligence System


2015 AF Aji. Automated haiku generation based on word vector models. Master’s thesis. University of Edinburgh

2014 AF Aji, IPES Putra, P Mursanto, S Yazid. Can smartphones be used to detect an earthquake? Using a machine learning approach to identify an earthquake event. Systems Conference (SysCon), 2014 8th Annual IEEE, 72-77

Other Experiences

TOKI Learning Gate

2016 TOKI Learning Gate is an e-learning project for learning competitive programming for high school students. The main goal is to give equal access for all students across Indonesia for local and international programming contests. I wrote several courses for this projects. (

Competitive Programming

2013- I’m actively contributing in competitive programming mostly as judge or problem writer. I’ve been writing problems for ACM-ICPC Regional Asia Jakarta since 2014, and I was also a judge in the ACM-ICPC Regional Asia Jakara 2015. Locally, I was a one of the distance learning supervisor for Indonesia’s OSN (National Science Olympiad) in Informatics in 2011. I also one of the problem setter for OSN informatics since 2013.


2016 Indonesian Education Scholarship Awardee (PhD fees + living costs)

2014 ACM-ICPC World Finalists

2010 International Olympiads in Informatics silver medalists

Technical Skills

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