Contact me:

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MBZUAI offers a fully-funded MS/PhD program with generous benefits. Please check the requirements and apply here.

  • For MSc, we provide free accommodation and ~2100 USD/month stipend.
  • For PhD, we provide free accommodation and ~2700 USD/month stipend or ~4000 USD/month stipend if married (no free accommodation).

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD or MSc with me, please apply through the portal mentioned above. After you have been admitted, feel free to contact me for supervisor matching.

Please note that if we have worked together in some capacity in the past, I would be happy to write a recommendation for you!

Postdocs / Internships / Visiting Researchers / Research Assistant:

I am currently not hiring any postdoc/internship.

Research from Indonesia:

I’m open to collaborating with students from outside MBZUAI on projects that align with my areas of interest (See my past co-advisees). You don’t need to have prior research experience, but a good understanding of NLP and AI, as well as solid technical skills is important. What I look for in students is a strong interest in pursuing research, with the aim of creating impactful scientific work.

If you are interested, you may ask your primary supervisor to co-advise and pitch your proposal to me. We can discuss more.