I have multiple research positions available at MBZUAI in the areas of:

  • Multilingual, low-resource NLP
  • Efficient NLP (efficient training, lightweight models)
  • Machine Translation

Contact me:

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MBZUAI offers a fully-funded MS/PhD program with generous benefits. Please check the requirements and apply here.

  • For MSc, we provide free accommodation and ~2100 USD/month stipend.
  • For PhD, we provide free accommodation and ~2700 USD/month stipend or ~4000 USD/month stipend if married (no free accomodation).

If you have any questions or would like to work with me on the above topics, feel free to contact me.

Postdocs / Internships / Visiting Researchers / Research Assistant:

I am currently not hiring any postdoc/internship for the rest of 2023.

Research from Indonesia:

I am open to co-supervising Indonesian students and currently collaborating with Universitas Indonesia and Institut Teknologi Bandung. If you are a student from either of these universities and would like to collaborate, please feel free to contact me.